Project: Summer Placement 01 - Urban Futures: Current Provision, Relevant Benchmarks and Future Development

Reference: STP 8/11/10 - C555C/01

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There are three objectives:
1. Review of current provision - a comparative analysis of the substantive content of competing futures initiatives and an appraisal of the methods and techniques used to construct futures.
2. Appraisal of relevant benchmarks - a case study of the problems, issues and opportunities involved in the application of the findings of urban futures initiatives to national policy makers.
3. Recommends future developments - provide policy makers and researchers with specific guidelines for improving the quality, effectiveness and value of futures exercises in urban policy.


The proposed research has been developed in the context of the Department's identified research need for futures research.
This study provides a critical assessment of the value of the futures reports, exercises, scenarios, and techniques for the implementation and review of the former DETR Urban White Paper. The aim of the study is to examine the interconnections between the process of futures thinking and the implecations these techniques have for ways of seeing the substantive future of cities.
A report and recommendations will be presented to the Department at a workshop. The research is scheduled to begin at the end of August and the results to be disseminated at the end of October.


University of Salford
Centre for Sustainable Urban and Regional Futures, CUBE Building, Manchester, M1 6FB
0161 295 4018

Contract details

Cost to the Department: £0.00

Actual start date: 06 June 2001

Actual completion date: 31 July 2001


Various papers
Author: Professor Simon Marvin
Source: Details are available from theUniversity of Salford

Summary of results

  1. The report concluded that without a high degree of affinity between the centre and cities own view of their urban futures it is unlikely that shared visions of city futures will be most effectively and rapidly delivered.

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Departmental Assessment Status: Project completed prior to implementation of Departmental Publication Scheme.