Project: Improving On-Train Personal Security

Reference: UG440

Last update: 21/05/2004 14:19:12


This project is the first stage of a three-stage collaboration with British Transport Police. It will deliver a report on good practice governing rebuilding and refurbishment of rolling stock.


This project aims to:
- identify good practice in building, refurbishing and managing passenger rolling stock
- consider and produce recommendations for operators and vehicle owners
- produce suitable guidance and a strategy to improve on-train security


Crime Concern
Regional Director, 89 Albert Embankment, London, SE1 7TS

Contract details

Cost to the Department: £24,192.34

Actual start date: 19 June 2002

Actual completion date: 31 March 2003

Summary of results

  1. The project was intended to

    Increase understanding of good practice in personal security including where this may conflict with disabled accessibility and safety considerations
    Provide a quantitative assessment of crime and nuisance offences on trains
    Establish good practice in personal security on trains
    Develope understanding of requirements of different stakeholders
    Advise on the best way of promoting and delivering best practice to the railway industry e.g. guidelines, a code of practice, an awards scheme or a change in the law.
     Produce clear and specific guidance on the design and management of passenger rolling stock

    Most of these were realised with the exception of guidance. We decided to move to a second stage in further considering ways of delivering improved personal security in the context of the responsibility and franchising framework of the rail industry.