Project: Include Cycle Journeys in NE England Journey Planner

Reference: UG423D

Last update: 03/11/2003 14:43:34


The objective of this project is to inform the Transport Direct programme of the issues that will be faced when planning to offer cycle information through its Portal.


This was a small-scale research project to develop and test initial options for providing information on cycle journeys in the North of England journey planner.


35 King Street, Bristol, BS1 4DZ

Contract details

Cost to the Department: £12,750.00

Actual start date: 03 September 2001

Actual completion date: 01 June 2002


Incorporating cycle journeys into the North East England Journey Planner
Author: Sustrans
Source: DfT Website
More information: http://www.

Summary of results

  1. The research highlighted difficulties in incorporating cycling information on a national scale. The biggest issue is the lack of cycling information currently held electronically. Cycle routes need to be geo-coded, and these codes need to be held in frequently updated databases to be used successfully in journey planners. Transport Direct does aim to include cycling, but due to the problems outlined above this may have to wait until later releases.

Departmental Assessment Status: Project completed prior to the implementation of the Departmental publication scheme