Project: UK Marine Motorways Study

Reference: STP 14/6/9

Last update: 27/07/2004 10:47:05


The aim of the study is to establish the operational and commercial feasibility of advanced fast freight ferries on UK coastal routes as an alternative to long-distance road transport.


This project will investigate the potential for developing fast freight ferry services on UK coastal routes as an alternative to long-distance road transport. The study will involve application, testing, and further refinement of a research methodology previously used to establish the operational and commercial viability of fast ferry services (e.g. in EMMA, and ZEE-SCOT projects) throughout Europe. Findings from the study will be expected to demonstrate to industry partners, in particular to ports, ferry operator. shipbuilder and integrated transport service providers, the potential feasibility of fast freight ferry services. Should this indicate that there is likely to be significant demand for such a service, future research could employ stated preferenmce modelling to quantify the share of freight movements on targeted routes which might be captured. Research undertaken by Tweddle, Fowkes and Nash (1996) on the effects of the introduction of Channel Tunnel freight servics shows how stated preference surveys can be effectively used for this purpose.


Napier University
TRI Marine Research Group, Sighthill court, Edinburgh, EH11 4BN
0131 455 3459

Contract details

Cost to the Department: £13,984.00

Actual start date: 01 June 2001

Actual completion date: 30 June 2003


UK Marine Motorways Study - Summary Final Report
Author: Dr A J Baird
Publication date: 01/03/2003
Source: Napier University, Transport Research Institute, Redwood House, 66 Spylaw Rd, Edinburgh
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Summary of results

  1. Work Package 1 Report completed February 2001
    Work Package 2 Report completed July 2002
    Work Package 4 Report completed December 2002
    Work Package 5 Report completed February 2003
    Summary Final Report completed March 2003

Departmental Assessment Status: Assessed by FIT Programme Advisory Committee 15 July 2004. Allocated score 5/10 - Satisfactory project, achieved targets and objectives, competent research work , outputs likely to have commercial potential.