Programme: International Vehicle Standards

Last update: 02 August 2011

As set out in the strategic road safety framework (May 2011), vehicle technologies play a key role in reducing casualties. Improved crashworthiness and crash avoidance have helped delivering better safety in UK roads. The aim of this research programme is to provide the evidence base for policy development and prioritization. For example, research objectives include (but are not limited to): . prioritise systems with strong safety benefits and identify implementation issues; . investigate systems that detect and protect vulnerable road users; . research the differences in injury mechanisms and mitigations for different groups such as women, older people and rear seated passengers.

This research programme now includes the Vehicle & Fuel Technologies sub-programme of the former Cleaner Fuels & Vehicles programme

Transport technology research in support of measures to reduce the impact of vehicles and fuels on the environment is detailed in the Cleaner Fuels and Vehicles section of the database.