Programme: Road Safety

Last update: 08 October 2010

The road user safety research programme together with the statistical analysis of the database of injury accidents reported to the police provides evidence to underpin road safety policy and practice. The research programme is delivered has following main objectives: To explore the scale and nature of road crashes through analyses of casualty and crash statistics, in depth investigations of collisions and other key sources; To identify high risks groups, places, and behaviours and develop an understanding of the factors which contribute to the causes of crashes; To develop a better understanding of behaviour including non-compliant behaviour and how to influence safer behaviours; To assess the potential impact of wider changes in population characteristics, travel behaviour, social policies and practices on road safety outcomes; To identify, develop, and evaluate counter-measures to reduce the incidence and severity of crashes; To support the development, implementation and evaluation of safety policies and practices; To effectively disseminate research findings and synthesise evidence. The publications arising from research projects are available at: The programme covers a number of key themes: Vulnerable Road Users Driver & Rider Bahaviour Impairment Road Engineering & Speed Management Statistical Analysis, Accident Causation & Policy Monitoring Medical Aspects of Fitness to Drive Cross-cutting Research Research Support and Dissemination