Programme: [Archived] Accessibility and Equalities Unit

Last update: 21 May 2014

Research which supports commitments to improve travel for disabled and elderly persons, reduces crime or fear of crime on public transport and enables more inclusive (or more available) transport choice for low income and unwaged persons and families. Research which also aids the development of engineering and technical standards supporting regulations under the Disability Discrimination Act (now incorporated in the Equality Act 2010), eg access for wheelchair users to high-floor coaches, or to railway vehicles. Social exclusion research in respect of transport services comes within this sub-programme.

The work formerly taken forward through this programme has now been mainstreamed into the relevant policy directorates. Following further re-organisation in early 2011, the new structures will be reflected in revised programmes and titles identified in this database later in the year. Specific projects will be included in the relevant policy-led programmes.