Welcome to the  Department for Transport's Research Database (RD). 

This facility was introduced at the end of 2003 and we would welcome your comments (contact details below).

The database is intended to contain details of research projects funded by the Department and completed after 1 April 2001. Some earlier projects are also included. Each project is part of a wider research programme or sub-programme - details of which are available from the 'Browse programmes' option below.

The Department has been restructured with effect from 2011 (please see the new organogram). This means that the sub-programmes and projects in some of the programmes will need to be reassigned and other updates completed. Some of the programmes will themselves need to be rescoped. This is underway and will be completed in due course.

More information about all DfT research, including contact details for each programme, can be accessed through the main DfT website. Please note that the database does not include research funded by our agencies - more detail of Highways Agency (HA) and Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) research can be found on their websites.

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  • DfT Science and Research
    The Department's Science and Research Website includes descriptions of our research strategies, research publication policy [PDF], research programmes, other relevant UK and international research, and how we manage them. Research-related information is also available through many of the pages elsewhere on DfT Website, under policy headings such as Roads and Vehicles, Road Safety and Freight Logistics.

We welcome your comments on this facility which will help us develop the site further. Please send your views to ers@dft.gsi.gov.uk.