Department for Transport

Seafarer Medical Information

For key information about seafarer's medical certificates, please see the leaflet: 'Your Health At Sea 6 - Medical Fitness Requirements' that can be accessed as a pdf document here.

Please be aware that in accordance with the 2006 revisions to the Merchant Shipping Fees Regulations, with effect from the 11th September 2006 the maximum statutory fee for a seafarer medical examination is £80.  The fee for this medical should be met by the seafarer's employer or company. Please note that if additional tests are required (eg. referral for physical fitness test) additional fees may be incurred.

There may be an additional charge if further tests or examinations are carried out by the approved doctor (eg fitness testing). You should be told what this charge will be, before additional tests are conducted. There is no statutory fee for the completion of an ML5 medical report. The doctor will genrally make a charge in line with British Medical Association rates.