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Customer service

We are dedicated to total customer service.

As a customer you will benefit from a single point of contact by being allocated a Customer Account Manager (CAM) who will be responsible for all aspects of administration and will take you through the registration process. Your CAM remains your point of contact throughout the time your ship(s) are on the UK Ship Register and provides a free of charge service to all our clients.

In addition, your CAM will work alongside your Customer Service Manager (CSM) who, as a qualified surveyor, will be responsible for all technical issues relating to your ships.

The role of the Customer Account Manager

  • To make the first and subsequent application to register your ship(s) as simple and straightforward as possible from initial enquiry to completion.
  • To provide free 24/7 customer care and support throughout the time your ship(s) are on the UK Ship Register.
  • To act as your single point of contact for administrative matters with all internal UK Ship Register stakeholders involved in registration and certification.
  • To develop and maintain a close working relationship with you by providing a quick and efficient service to satisfy your company's specific needs.

The role of the Customer Service Manager

  • To arrange initial registration surveys and oversee the smooth transfer of your ship(s) to the UK Ship Register.
  • To coordinate plan approval validation of your new-buildings or modifications to your existing ship(s).
  • To organise annual and statutory surveys to ensure your ship(s) meets international standards of safety and pollution prevention.
  • To provide technical advice regarding the details of certification, plans and operational information for your ship(s) prior to and during UK registration.

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