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Vessel Information

View our Consolidated European Reporting System (CERS) & Single Vessel Database (SVD)

Information on Inland Waterways for commercial and business use or personal boat use.

Read about fire protection and safety for vessels.

Life Saving Appliances for pleasure vessels and for commercial and business use.

Read our Codes of Practice information pack.

Read about Code Vessel Safety.

View our guidance table on Authorisation for Issue of Statutory Certificates to UK Registered Ships.

Look up Certification requirements for UK Vessels,or UK Ship Classification and UK Equivalents.

View MCA approved service stations in the UK for life savings appliances, Manufacturers and Independent Lifeboats Servicing and Testing Organisations

Information on the registering and the regulations for pleasure craft, including life-saving equipment advice.

Find out more about our Stability guidance and load lines for powered or sailing vessels.

Contact the Vessel Standard Branch.