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Navigation Safety Leaflets

The leaflets listed below can be downloaded, via the links provided, from the DirectGov website. You can also order copies of these leaflets from our online publications ordering pages.


Please Note:
Not all the leaflets below have a link to a copy on the DirectGov website, though all current leaflets are available to order through the link at the bottom of the page. It is intended that all current leaflets will be made available through the DirectGov website in the coming weeks and this page will be updated to provide direct links to the leaflets as they go live.

Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) - MCA/183
A brief introduction to the purpose and merits of AIS and the types of AIS transponders available

CNIS Leaflet (Channel Navigation) - MCA/013
Explanatory leaflet about the Channel Navigation Information Service

Emergency Alerting - MCA/NAV/001
Brief guide to Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons, Personal Locator Beacons and Man Overboard Devices

GMDSS sea areas map - MCA/070
GMDSS map and GMDSS procedures for small boat users

GMDSS The Benefits of Digital Selective Calling - MCA/103
Explanatory leaflet about the benefits of Digital Selective Calling and Recommended GMDSS Equipment

Life Saving Signals - MCA/099
Advice leaflet for any ship or person in distress illustrating the signals to use to communicate with search and rescue units

Marking of Fishing Gear leaflet - MCA/067
Advice leaflet for fishermen and yachtsmen about marking fishing gear within the 12 mile limit

Please note the following amendments apply to the MSI Leaflet;

Holyhead broadcasts at 50 minutes past the hour, not 30 minutes as stated. NAVTEX broadcasts of WZ navigation warnings from Oostende have changed from transmitter identification character M to V. The leaflet itself will be corrected in due course.
Maritime Safety Information - MCA/064
Explanatory Leaflet about the broadcast times for Maritime Safety Information (MSI) and the Radio Medical Advice Link Calls

SOLAS V For Pleasure Craft - MCA/098
Explanatory leaflet about the Safety of Life at Sea regulations for small, privately owned vessels

Weather Forecasts by NAVTEX - MCA/080
This leaflet is no longer available as the topic is now covered in leaflet MCA/064 - Maritime Safety Information


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