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Work with other organisations
As well as working closely with other Government Departments, the Receiver of Wreck also works with other organisations who are involved in matters of wreck. These include the Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS), the Joint Nautical Archaeology Policy Committee (JNAPC) and sports diving organisations such as PADI, BSAC and SAA.

The three main sports diving bodies have brought out an initiative called Respect our Wrecks, which was launched at the London International Dive Show 2000. This highlights their concern for sensitive and correct behaviour by all divers, when visiting wreck sites. This initiative has been endorsed by the Receiver of Wreck. This co-operation is further demonstrated by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding by the three main diving organisations, to implement best practice with regard to matters of wreck.

A further initiative endorsed by the Receiver of Wreck, is the Adopt-A-Wreck scheme, which is a joint project with the Nautical Archaeology Society. The scheme is currently being piloted on the wreck of the Halsewell, an East Indiaman sunk in 1786 off the Dorset coast. The wreck has been 'adopted' by the Halsewell Archaeological Group.