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Transparency agenda

The Government has set out the need for greater transparency across its operations. Transparency information from our parent Department, the Department for Transport can also be found here.

Energy and the environment

Our staff

Organisational Structure Charts (organograms)

Organisation structure charts (organograms) include:

  • Structure of the department/body down to directorate level
  • Positions of all Senior Civil Servant (SCS) Pay Band 2 and above (or equivalent)
  • Names of SCS Pay Band 2 and above
  • Salaries of all Pay Band 2 and above
  • Job titles of SCS Pay Band 1 and 1A (or equivalent)
  • Reporting numbers of staff within directorates (FTE) and total salary costs of SCS1 teams
  • Organisational data CSV files include:SCS staff posts - name, grade, job title, team function, parent department, organisation, unit, contact details, reports, salary cost of reports

Final-MCA-Transparency-Return-16-June-2011.rdf (168Kb)
MCA Junior Data CSV.csv (12Kb)
MCA Senior Data CSV.csv (4Kb)


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