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UK Code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seamen - Annexes and Safety Sign Downloads

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The Code of Safe Working Practices is intended primarily for merchant seamen on United Kingdom registered vessels. Copies of the current printed edition of the Code must be carried on all United Kingdom ships other than fishing vessels and pleasure craft, and a copy must be made available to any seaman in the ship who requests it, in accordance with the Merchant Shipping (Code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seamen) Regulations 1998. There should always be an adequate number of copies to allow the Master, Safety Officer and any members of the Safety Committee to have their own, leaving at least one available for general reference.

Annex 1.2 [276kb]
Annex 1.3 [441kb]
Annex 16.1.1 [422kb]
Annex 16.1.2 [433kb]
Annex 16.1.3 [424kb]
Annex 16.1.4 [426kb]
Annex 16.1.5 [450kb]
Annex 16.1.6 [438kb]
Annex 16.1.7 [338kb]
Annex 16.2.1 [439kb]
Annex 21.1.1 [395kb]
Annex 21.1.2 [479kb]
Annex 21.1.3 [399kb]
Annex 21.1.4 [398kb]
Annex 21.2.1 [393kb]
Annex 21.2.2 [399kb]
Annex 21.2.3 [397kb]
Annex 21.3 [399kb]


Supplementary Information
Square or oblong.

Black text on a white background or white symbol or symbol and text on a green background that is supplemented with text in the relevant contrasting colour.

Drinking Water [12kb]           Emergency Telephone [9kb]           Stop Machinery [14kb]          


Black symbol or symbol and text on a yellow background surrounded by a black triangular band.

Acetylene [12kb]
Bump [10kb]
Corrosive [14kb]

Entrapment [10kb]
Flammable [9kb]
Harmful Fumes [26kb]
Hot Surface 1 [10kb]
Industrial [9kb]
Low Temperature [11kb]
Moving Vehicles 2 [16kb]
Optical Radiation [10kb]
Oxygen [11kb]
Starts Automatically [10kb]

Biological [10kb]
Co2 Protected [15kb]
Drop [10kb]
Explosive Atmosphere [13kb]
General [8kb]
High Noise [25kb]
Hot Surface 2 [12kb]
Irritant [10kb]
Magnetic Field [9kb]
Non Ionising [9kb]
Overhead [9kb]
Radioactive [9kb]
Suffocation [10kb]

Breakthrough [10kb]
Compressed Gas [16kb]

Electrical Hazard
Explosive Materials [13kb]
Glass Hazard [10kb]
High Temperature [10kb]
Hot Water [14kb]
Laser [9kb]
Moving Vehilces 1 [14kb]
Obstacles [10kb]
Oxidant [10kb]
Slippery [12kb]
Toxic [14kb]

Circular with cross band.

Black symbol on a white background, inside a red circle with a red cross bar.

Industrial Vehicles [10kb]
Grinding Wheel [21kb]
Extinguishing Water [10kb]
Operate [12kb]
Telephones [12kb]

Pedestrian Access [10kb]
Machine Cleaning [23kb]
Machine [24kb]
Smoking [10kb]

Electrical Earth [13kb]

Unauthorised Access [10kb]
Drinking Water [9kb]
Naked Flames [10kb]
Touch [9kb]

Safe Procedure
Square or oblong.
White symbol or symbol and text on a green background.

Person Down [9kb]
Person Left [9kb]
Down 2 [8kb]
Up 2 [kb]
Down [8kb]
Down left [8kb]
Left 2 [98kb]
Person Up [17kb]
Left [8kb]
Person Right [30kb]
Right 2 [9kb]

Square or oblong.

White symbol or symbol and text on a red background.

Alarm [10kb]
Co2 Fixed [11kb]
Dry Powder Fixed [11kb]
Fire Flap [14kb]
Foam Information [36kb]
Ladder [9kb]
Stop Valve [13kb]
Water Information [23kb]
Right [9kb]
Blanket [30kb]
Co2 Information [34kb]
Extinguisher 1 [9kb]
FM200 [11kb]
Hose [10kb]
NOVEC1230 [12kb]
Telephone [10kb]
Down [9kb]
Up [9kb]
Co2 [13kb]
Dry Powder [12kb]
Extinguisher 2 [13kb]
Foam [11kb]
In Case Of [16kb]
Powder Information [36kb]
Water [14kb]
Left [9kb]

First Aid
Square or oblong.

White symbol or symbol and text on a green background.

Eyewash [13kb]
Stretcher [9kb]
Post [8kb]
Shower [13kb]


White symbol or symbol and text on a blue background.

Closed at Sea [12kb]
Emergency Exit [13kb]
Face Protection [12kb]
Guards Position [14kb]
Keep Clear [11kb]
Resporator [13kb]
Safety Harness [12kb]
High Visibility [10kb]
Welding Mask [20kb]
Dust Mask [24kb]
Escape Route [14kb]
Cover Food [20kb]
Guards Used [18kb]
Keep Door Clear [13kb]
Safety Boots [10kb]
Safety Helmet [10kb]
Wash Hands [14kb]
Ear Protection [10kb]
Eye Protection [11kb]
General [9kb]
Cover Hair [26kb]
Pedestrian Route [10kb]
Safety Gloves [10kb]
Overalls [9kb]
Watertight Door [14kb]

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